(One day Leon walked on the street…)
Denny: Hey, Leon! Here!
(Leon looked around...)
Leon: Oh! Denny, I have not seen you for days!
Denny (let us call him D): Yeah, since the English class was over.
Leon (let us call him L): Where have you been these days?
D: I was bustling about my reports and motorcycle.
L: Wow! You have a motorbike!
D: Right, I pay for it in monthly installment for one thousand dollars a month.
L:  So now you can ride it everywhere in Taichung. Oh, I wish I had a motorbike!
D:  It is just one thousand dollars a month.
L:  You know it is hard to pay the one thousand dollar for a little poor university student like me.
D: OK, don’t be so disappointed. If you need a ride, I will help you.
L:  Thank you. Well, you must be careful about your safety; there were many tragedies around our school.
D:  Yeah, you can say that again! I always wear a helmet to avoid any possible injury.
L:  That’s good. Then, how many reports are you now dealing with?
D:  Three. I am almost dying from these things.
L:  Just hang on, Denny.
D: Thank you. And, what are you doing these days?
L:  Me? Now I have a part-time job in school, and I joined the Live-Band Club.
D:  Live-Band? It is so popular, what’s your part? Is guitar, bass or singer?
L:  Ha! You miss! I am a drummer, but I am not at home in it yet.
D: Any way, isn’t it cool to be in a Live-Band?
L: Yeah, I was attracted by the performance of seniors, which is why I joined this club.
D:  Well, where are you going?
L:  Something like shampoo, body gel and many others are used up, so I am about to buy them.
D:  Wow! Aren’t those heavy? How can you bring these back?
L: It is really a big trouble until you said hello to me.
D:  So, you mean I have to be your helper?
L:  Well, you bet, can you lend me a hand to carry them home after I shopping?
D: Seems I have no choice.
L:  Please, do me a little favor. Didn’t you just promise?
D:  OK, that’s what friends are for, and the most important thing that is I am hungry now. So…
L: I know, I will treat you to dinner, OK?
D:  That’s fine. Let’s go!
L:  Thank you, Denny.
D:  Never mind it, I am very happy to help you. My motorcycle is there.
(Denny point at a shed, and lead Leon to there…)
L: Oh! Nice bike! It is worth to pay one thousand a month!
(Denny rides on his motorcycle…)
D:  You can stay here and appreciate my engine some other time, but I have to go.
L:  OK, I know, I just can not stop been attracted to its appearance.
(Leon rides on Denny’s motorcycle…)
D: Don’t forget this!
(Denny takes out his another crash helmet to Leon…)
L:  Uh-hah, for safety.
D:  Hang on!
(They drive away… )

The End…



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