I had never lived in the dorm before I got in unerversity and this is a lfe iI did want to experience since the dorm in Tung- Hai is such beautiful & peaceful.

        The first day I got in the dorm was such exciting.  All everything is new & differant for me, not only the surrounding, but my roomate.

        I am the first one got in the room. After several hours ago, the first roomate finally got here, his name is Dizzy.

        Dizzy is a "always- high" guy, such as he got in the house, his first word is "Let us enjoy the four years!"  He now is called "the King of  中港路". Since he always ride his R1z in very high speed such as ninty to one hundred kilomiter per hour.  Anyone who had once been rode by him, next time he must not got on the crazy machine again.

        Except Felix, he is a Taichung boy, who had been rode by Dizzy for times.  "The King of  中港路" is he first called.  For compare to Dizzy's, he has his title "The Prince of 八寶粥".

        Byran is a shy- looked boy, and we always share things to each other.

        My roomate always get together to play game, eat lunch and travel. The last time we visited is Fung- Yang.It is a long time travel, but we have fun there.  After coming back, we almost lost our way becouse the leader, Dizzy, was going to his grandmother's home & another road leader is his friend.  But he rode too fast that we cannot folloow him. In the end, we finally came back to Tung- Hai.

        After getting in the dorm, Ifound that the time mannagement is so important.  No one will force me to bed & alert my homework.  All things should be done by myself, & after that, I fell I am more independance.

        I am so luckly that I met them to be roomate.  And this will be my treasure memory in this school.


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