In the beginning, the man was born, grew up and married in Syracuse, and one time he and his wife decided to Epidamnum at a time when she was expecting a baby.

Soon his wife gave birth to identical twin boys. 

But something happened by chance, a poor woman in the inn as same as Aegeon and his wife, and she also gave birth to similarly identical twin boys, but she can't feed and clothe her baby, so Aegeon bought them up to be the servant companions of his own sons. 

When Aegeon and his wife at the ship, and the winds were so strong and waves were so high. 

Something happened at this time, the ship hit rock and broke into two pieces, so that Aegeon took the two boys to Syracuse, and his wife took the others two boys to Ephesus.  

When the boy named Antipholus of Syracuse was 18, and he vowed to find his own twin brother and his servant named Dromio S also wanted to find his own twin brother, and they came to Ephesus.  

But the inconceivable thing happened. They all make a lot of mistakes to other, and also their father Aegeon, mother Aemilia, wife of Antipholus E, and friends of Antipholus E, they can't distinguish between twin boys.  

So they make a lot of jokes and misunderstanding.  

Like: called the wrong person to eat the dinner, gave to the wrong person a gold necklace, and Aegeon also no find out that an Abbess is Aemilia.  

In the end, the Duck began to sentence the case to Ageon.  

And the Duck is very cleverish, he known all the truth of all of the things.  

And they became known what they were happened to all those things.  

And they were happy to gather together saw their father and mother again.



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